Why Take a lifestyle vacation

Why take a Lifestyle Vacation?

People take vacations for lots of reasons. Sometimes just to relax and recharge, other times to try something new and different or to broaden horizons. The reasons are many and varied. Humans have travel in their DNA. We’re grateful for that since we’ve built our business on the human desire to … [Read more...]


The First Thing All Newbies Should Do

What’s the first things all newbies should do?  Some people say attend a meet & greet! Go to naked speed dating! How about a seminar on spanking/squirting/dirty dancing? Here is the truth.  The #1 thing to do is to ‘Have the Talk.’  An open discussion between the two of you about what you want … [Read more...]

sexy bucket list

Sexy Bucket List 2016

What’s on my sexy bucket list for 2016? I have a new year tradition that has nothing to do with partying all night or or drinking myself silly. I know... Weird, right? The shorter days, colder weather and slower pace somehow turns my attention inwards, and I take stock of the year I just … [Read more...]

Sex Therapist Inside Secrets

Your Erection: 8 Sex Therapist Inside Secrets

Planning for “The Best Fu@%ing Vacation?” Make sure your penis wants just as much action as you do! Vacations with TheSwingerCruise.com are exciting in ways you may only have dreamed of. Booked on one of our future trips?  You may already be penciling dates into your dance card, looking forward … [Read more...]


Black Friday Cruise Sale 2015

Special Balcony Bonanza Sale Couples Cruise most popular cabin category - the B2 Balcony cabin is on sale at a 10% discount  Book by November 30, 2016, you can pick one of the best B2’s that are left by booking now and you can save even more (up to 20%!). Here's how: Book now and save 10% (that … [Read more...]

TheSwingerCruise 2015-2016 Brochure

The Swinger Cruise Brochure 2015-2017 Bliss Edition

The Swinger Cruise Brochure is here! This is the 2015-2017 Bliss Cruise Edition Looking for something you can really get your hands on? Our virtual brochure is the next best thing.   Would you like to open a full screen version? You may notice that Couples Cruises have been intentionally left … [Read more...]


Meet Miss Mackenzee + Tips for Hooking Up

We are excited to Welcome Mackenzee to our TSC team! Miss Mackenzee will be making her inaugural debut with TSC on the Bliss Cruise 2015.  If you are onboard be sure to stop by the Passport Bar on Deck 3 to say hello!  Not on Bliss 2015?  Catch up with her on livechat on TheSwingerCruise.com or … [Read more...]

Flirting with Consent

The Secret to Making Consent Hot

Yes?  No? Maybe?  On a ship full of sexy people it's easy to jump right in for a hug, a kiss or a quick fondle. Here is a little lesson based on things I learned in etiquette class blended with protocol from the kink community that can make your interactions on this cruise even hotter. My … [Read more...]