Join us at The Floating World July 2014

Join Goddess Phoenix at The Floating World

Wondering where to find kinky fun this summer?

Join us at The Floating World Edison NJ July 25-27, 2015
We will be there with our good friend Goddess Phoenix!
Share the fun and our excitement and register to win a Cruise for 2 on Couples Cruise sailing from Ft Lauderdale November 15-22, 2015.We are reaching out to all our kinky and poly friends and encouraging you to join us!

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What is ‘The Floating World?’

The ​Floating ​World ​of ​17th-century ​Japan ​was ​a ​pleasure ​district. ​Its ​visitors ​enjoyed ​an ​unprecedented ​level ​of ​sexual ​freedom, ​unbound ​by ​gender ​or ​class. ​Our ​21st-century ​Floating ​World ​aims ​to ​create ​a ​similar ​space ​— ​a ​space ​of ​safety ​and ​freedom, ​the ​ideal ​environment ​in ​which ​to ​explore.

The Floating WorldWe ​invite ​you ​to ​explore ​who ​you ​are, ​and ​who ​you ​can ​be. ​Experience ​pleasure ​in ​a ​playspace ​roomy ​enough ​(over 10,000 ​square ​feet) ​to ​accommodate ​the ​strongest ​passion ​and ​the ​wildest ​idea. ​Learn ​from ​the ​country’s ​top ​educators ​— ​and ​from ​each ​other.

​The ​Floating ​World ​is ​a ​meeting-place ​for ​all  ​communities. ​We ​encourage ​our ​attendees ​to ​build ​bridges ​among ​communities, ​to ​share ​perspectives, ​strategies, ​and ​insight.

The ​Floating ​World ​is ​three ​full ​days ​of ​classes, ​workshops, ​and ​panel ​discussions, ​alongside ​a ​marketplace ​brimming ​with ​toys ​and ​clothes ​to ​excite ​and ​entice. ​ ​We ​are ​ ​delighted ​to ​be ​including ​special ​events ​hosted ​by ​our ​special ​events ​team ​as ​well ​as ​diverse ​participating ​groups.

The ​Floating ​World ​is ​a ​space ​dedicated ​to ​the ​serious ​pursuit ​of ​understanding, ​identity, ​and ​pleasure ​— ​three ​elements ​that ​necessarily ​go ​hand ​in ​hand.

You ​must ​be ​19 ​years ​old ​at ​time ​of ​the ​event.





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