Silhouette Bliss Cruise – November 2016

Bliss Cruise 2016 will be a premier Couples Only Lifestyle Cruise.   Sailing November 27 – December 4, 2016 on the Celebrity Silhouette from Fort Lauderdale for a 7 day Eastern Caribbean Itinerary.

Links to what you are looking for on Bliss 2016:

There has been a huge volume of information coming from the organizers at Bliss Cruise.  The changes they are making and enhancements they have planned will make the next 3 Bliss Cruises the Ultimate playground for couples looking for a sexy vacation. What’s on Deck?

  • Playroom Updates
  • Musical & Comedy Entertainment Lineup
  • Love Learning about SEX?  This is a Very hot line up!

Bliss Cruise 2016 Itinerary


Date Port Location Arrive Depart D/T
Sun, Nov 27, 2016 Port of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 4:00 PM Dock
Mon, Nov 28, 2016 At Sea
Tues, Nov 29, 2016 San Juan, Puerto Rico 3:00 PM 9:30 PM Dock
Wed, Nov 30, 2016 St. Croix 8:00 AM 5:00 PM Dock
Thurs, Dec 1, 2016 St. Marteen 8:00 AM 5:00 PM Dock
Fri, Dec 2, 2016 At Sea
Sat, Dec 3, 2016 At Sea
Sun, Dec 4, 2016 Port of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 7:00 AM Dock

* All itineraries are subject to change without notice.

Bliss Cruise 2016 Themes

  • Sunday:  White Night (Dress in white and party all night)
  • Monday: Red Carpet Glamor (Formal Night) (2nd night, an evening where YOU are the STAR)
  • Tuesday: Animal Kingdom Party (Late Night Pool Party – It’s WILD in the Jungle)
  • Wednesday: Glow Night (Late Night Pool Panty Rave)
  • Thursday: Superhero vs Villains (Late Night Pool Party)
  • Freaky Friday (Fetish Night)
  • Saturday: Pajama Jam Slumber Party

Start thinking about costumes now and let your imagination take off . . . along with your clothes.

(Dressing in theme is recommended but not required. You may also choose to wear costumes while dining. It’s your decision and perfectly fine to liven up the evening meal table. Hey, you could be dessert.)

**All private parts to be covered plus the theme is everywhere on the ship.

What Should I wear for themes on Silhouette?

Sunday – White Night

Start out the cruise showing everyone how virginal you can pretend to be? Wear all white! Got an innocent looking lace dress around? You could even go for something crazy like using white electrical tape to dress yourself! (Crazy I know but I’ve seen it done!) Maybe some angel wings and a halo and see if you can dirty them up by the end of the first night out!

Shopping idea -

Monday - Red Carpet Glamour

Dress to impress like you are going to the world premier of your own film (Is it rated PG, or X? We’ll leave that up to you!) or the Opera. Men, a Tuxedo will not be out of place and many will have them. If you own one bring it. If not a suit is also in fashion. So is a kilt by the way.

Ladies, this is your night. Prom for adults. Dress your best. If you have something you’d never wear out at home, THIS is the place to wear it. Shopping Idea -

Tuesday - Animal Kingdom

It’s WILD in the jungle! Unleash your inner animal tonight (Or wear a leash too… whatever you choose). Sport a tiny leaopard print thong, or go full Lioness with a full mane.  Enjoy a game of Predator and Prey with your partner around the ship, have fun with it! Grrr baby, very grr!

Shopping Idea -

Wednesday - Glow Rave Night

Light up the night with anything that glows! Neon outfits, glow sticks, glow body paint, etc. Rave the night away on deck, party until you don’t glow anymore and the sun comes up!

Thursday - Superheros vs. Villains

Are you going to be the one causing the mischief or will you save the day? Be her Sexy Superman or be his Amazing Amazonian Wonder Woman! Or flip the script and be the sexy Harley Quinn to his malicious Mr. J! Could you just picture the orgy piles in costume in the playroom? The geek inside us would be screaming in joy!

Shopping Idea -

Friday - Freaky Friday (Fetish Night)

Since we’re a Kinky Couple this is our Prom Night. If you really want to be true to the theme, why not be bold and actually dress for whatever fetish you may actually have. For the guys time to break out your kilt and at least a tank top. No kilt?  Leather pants are hot.  None of that?  How about just dress in Black.

Ladies, the sky’s the limit. Leather, lace, latex, amazing high heels and boots, bring them out. This is the night for the exotic makeup too. Stop by the sex toy shop and buy a riding crop or bring one you already have. Channel your inner Dominatrix and have fun. Don’t know how to act like one, trust me there will be a dozen or so real ones on board to show you the ropes. This is a good night to stop by the dungeon playroom and check out the “darkside”. Shopping Idea -

Saturday - Pajama Slumber Party

Put on your comfy PJs and stay up all night for our Pajama Slumber Party. Do you happen to sleep naked? Well as long as your bits are covered, then have at it. Sleep in a sexy teddy? Go for it! Ever had that fantasy of watching (or being a part in) those sexy pillow fights? Tonight is your chance to make it a reality! Live it up on the last night of your ‘Best F$*%ing Vacation’!


Bliss Cruise Pre-cruise hotel at Embassy Suites 

 Let the party begin!  We will be at Embassy and we love the extra amenities of this all suite hotel. Breakfast included – check! Nightly Cocktail included – check! Sexy Guests from TheSwingerCruise – check!

Bliss Cruise is Playroom-Palooza!

Bliss has announced new upgrades and improvements for their playrooms.  We will be at their special planning meeting in June, cant wait to get the inside scoop on what is in store!  We have heard a few things and Playroom-Palooza is expanding! Bliss Cruise is working to improve the 24 hour outdoor playroom + the world’s largest floating playroom + Enormous Fetish Area + a special secret playroom for Aqua Class only!  Here is what has been announced:

  1. New More Intimate Play Areas in the Solarium: That’s right, 69 private and intimate play areas in the Solarium. It has been redesigned to increase the level of intimacy and privacy. You’ll love the new format and atmosphere that includes improved ventilation (less chlorine smell), more intimate group play areas, sexy sheer curtains, a new music platform and improved lighting. Nice!
  2. Fantasy/Fetish Play Area: This play area has been expanded to include more equipment, more Masters and more Dommes. Stop by and check it out in the NEW location, Celebrity Central Theater.
  3. Outdoor Play: Yes, even more play space under the stars. This was a big hit on Silhouette’s in 2015 so look forward to its return. Making new friends on the pool deck and when that spark of chemistry hits, heading straight up the stairs to the open air outdoor play area on deck 16, open from 10am – 6am!!  Expect new operational rules + new standards for use.
  4. Aqua Class Only Playroom: On this charter, you can also bring along some friends. (Make sure you book an Aqua Class cabin, or any suite on the ship to gain access to this exclusive, private playroom.)
  5. ??? This plan leaves the HUGE conference center that was last years fetish area open for fun.  We imagine a massage center, tantra center or who knows what with lots of sexy play space.  We will have to wait for the big announcement, but I think more play space is in the schedule!


Bliss Cruise 2016 Entertainment

Bliss 2016 Entertainment

C+C Music Factory: You’ve heard them, you’ve dance to them, you love them.  Now, Bliss Cruise welcomes C&C Music Factory featuring Freedom Williams to their cruise debut performance. The group, which has earned a total of 35 music industry awards worldwide, including five Billboard Awards, five American Music Awards, and two MTV Video Music Awards. Showtime is on Day 4 at 10 p.m. in the Silhouette Theater. Arrive early. One show only. Following showtime, the party continues at Glow Night, an all-night poolside blockbuster showcase leaving nothing for the imagination.   absolute-journey-tribuet-band-on-theswingercruise-bliss-2016 Absolute Journey Tribute is one of the most acclaimed rising tribute acts in North America! Formed in Toronto, Canada in early 2014, the quintet proposes a faithful reproduction of the Steve Perry era of the San Francisco act, enriched with audience interactivity, projections, backdrops and true-to-the-original costume changes. AJT doesn’t aim to be a plain carbon copy of the real thing: every effort on stage, from singing and playing to the moves, is so natural and heartfelt that it captivates even the most skeptical critic. Seeing is believing. Day 6 in the Celebrity Theater! Mira Mi Gente – Karisma – based out of Miami this band showcases Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Reggaeton, ballads and many more. Craig Thompson Project Island Trio – Find the Craig Thompson Project poolside and in the Grand Foyer of the ship. The trio will also lead a highly anticipated Jump n’ Wave Animal Kingdom Caribbean Dance Party Night with DJ Philly Phil, a must make epic showcase for all passengers on Day 3, poolside.       Bliss Cruise Comedy K-von: This headlining comedian is back by popular demand. The star of MTV’s hit show “Disaster Date”, he also just received rave reviews on NBC’s ‘Last Comic Standing’, Showtime, CNN’s “HLN”, Good Morning America, BBC, & NPR to name a few. His first two shows on the inaugural Bliss Cruise were so popular that they were standing room only — this is must-see comedy. Rob Little: One of America’s funniest comedians has been performing stand-up comedy since 1998. He has established himself as one of the most hilarious and progressive comics in the country.

Bliss Cruise Meet & Greets

It’s all about connecting at Bliss Cruise. That’s why we’re making it even easier to meet other couples.  Look for their upgraded meet and greet schedule and social activities.


Bliss 2016 Sexy Seminars & Playshops

newcouplesNEW COUPLES!  THIS IS FOR YOU! Don’t Miss Lynn’s super popular New Couples Seminar: Monday, Day 2 – 1:00-2:00 pm in the Celebrity Central Deck 4 – across from the Quasar Disco. This seminar as a fun and friendly way to find out how to make the most of the swinging lifestyle, tips on making sure the lifestyle enhances your relationship, and a nice way to meet new couples. You will leave this seminar feeling confident and ready. Hands on activities help you develop the best way to present yourselves to get the type of play and fun you want. Miss Lynn, owner of and experienced lifestyle expert, will answer your questions and teaches you a few take away tips that will quell the jitters and maximize the fun you have this week! Meet This Cruise’s Sex Educator & Practitioner:  Dragonfly bliss-cruise-sex-educator-dragonfly-on-theswingercruise Whether working in a “play-shop” format or in private sessions, her goal is to help you discover your most erotic, sexual, and loving self. On the Bliss November 2016 cruise, Dragonfly will be conducting three exciting “play-shops” designed to take you and your partner to new levels of pleasure and satisfaction.

  • In her Sexy Cuddle Connection TM, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other couples through the magic of touch by connecting with others in a fun and flirty atmosphere.
  • Erotic Pleasure Play For Couples provides a hands-on demonstration of the most effective techniques to pleasure your partner with three different methods of heightening arousal and increasing s*xual sensation. And yes, couples will have the opportunity to personally interact with Dragonfly.
  • She’s also presenting one of her most popular play-shops, The Ins and Outs of Female Arousal, giving ladies the opportunity to explore their yummy bits with their favorite partner. Any pairing is welcome, so gals, bring a friend and share the adventure.

Check out the list of confirmed topics below:

  • Ready for something different? Well, ladies, this session on “squirting” techniques should pique your curiosity. And in the right group setting, this should please you . . . and others. There’s nothing like a little exhibitionism to build interest.
  • Double your fun: New rules, new standards The massage workshop was so popular on the previous cruise that two more are scheduled in the huge Solarium on board for up to 150 couples at a time.
  • Ladies time: The ladies only and bi-curious session was another fan favorite last cruise so Bliss added two more sessions for the upcoming charter.
  • Want more? New Tantra workshops are coming on board to help expand your horizons with new techniques from new couples to please your partner.
  • Newbies, Newbies, and More Newbies
  • Discovering the Stages of the Lifestyle
  • Swinging 101: For Newbies and Reactivated Couples
  • Swinging Advanced: Creating the Perfect Orgy
  • Tantra Seminar & Tantra Workshops
  • Multiple Massage Workshops – Expanded
  • Male Enhancement Issues
  • Belly Dance Class
  • Pole Dancing Class
  • Advanced Pole Dancing
  • Lap Dancing Class
  • Intro to BDSM
  • The Art of Kinky Sex
  • BDSM – The Negotiation
  • BDSM – Releasing Your Alto Ego
  • Spanking for Lovers; Your Ass or Mine
  • Black Tantra – both Tantra and BDSM
  • How to Make Good Pussy Better
  • I’m Squirting. Letting Yourself Go.
  • Intro to Anal – Get in There

Meet as many couples as you can by going to these seminars — and then practice your newly learned techniques with another couple.


Bliss Cruise Drink Packages & Dining

Great news — drink package pricing is the same as last year. Don’t miss out on this super deal: Premium Package: Just $69 per day Enjoy the entire selection of fine craft beers, top-shelf spirits, premium cocktails and wines-by-the-glass up to $13 per serving. Indulge in unique craft cocktails, extra-large martinis, even liquid nitrogen-chilled cocktails. Plus, with purchase of this Premium Package, receive a 20% discount on all wines by the bottle that are ordered on board, even our prized Reserve Wine list and Rare Wine list. Classic Drink Package – $59 per day You will be able to book drink packages online after you complete online check in.

Ocean View Cafe Buffet serving breakfast, lunch, dinner + late night deck 14
Grand Cuvee Main dining room: breakfast, lunch + dinner on Sea Days Breakfast + dinner on Port Days deck 3 deck 4
Aqua Spa Cafe The perfect spot for a healthy breakfast or lunch deck 14
Blu Specialty Restaurant for Aqua Class Guests with a healthy living focus Serving breakfast + dinner deck 5
Mast Grill Burgers & dogs grilled to order deck 15
The Porch Outdoor lunch on the lawn, lovely! $ deck 15
Bistro on 5 Crepe house open from 6 am until midnight. Sweet and savory crepes + soups, salads, deserts $ deck 5
Cafe as Bacio Specialty Coffee bar with small bites and delicious treats $ deck 5
Gelateria Gelato.  Need we say more? $ deck 5
Cellar Masters This wine bar offers a small selection of hot & cold tapas $ deck 4
Murano A modern take on French Continental cuisine $$ deck 5
Tuscan Grill Bold flavors abound in this Italian Steakhouse’s rustic dishes $$ deck 5
Qsine A gourmet journey with playful whimsical approach to familiar food $$  deck 5
Lawn Club Outdoor grilling with cosmopolitan flair for dinner under the stars. Guests can mak their own flatbread pizza and grill their own steaks. $$ deck 15

Bliss 2015 Online Program – Last Years Program

Each guest will recieve a paper version of this program onboard the ship.


Bliss Cruise Payment Schedule

Payment plans available.  $500 deposit + payments to pay in full by Sept 1, 2016.  You must phone for this option it is not available online 215-268-3202. This is the official payment schedule.  As us for assistance with our custom plans.

  • Deposit due at booking
  • 1st Payment: Due on or before June 15, 2015
  • 2nd Payment: Due on or before November 15, 2015
  • Final Payment: Due on or before April 15, 2016

* Payment schedule will be adjusted accordingly as we pass the dates set above.

Bliss Cruise Cancellation Policy/Fees

  • Up to November 15, 2015: $75 service charge
  • Nov 16, 2015 – Mar 15, 2016: $150.00 pp ($300 pp for Suites*)
  • Mar 16, 2016 – Jun 1, 2016: $250.00 pp ($500 pp for Suites*)
  • After Jun 1, 2016: NO REFUND

   Royal Suite Cancellation

  • Up to November 15, 2015: $1500.00 pp
  • Nov 16, 2015 – Feb 15, 2016: $2500.00 pp
  • After Feb 16, 2016: NO REFUND

   Penthouse Suite Cancellation

  • NO REFUND is available for the Penthouse Suite

* Cancellations must be in writing by emailing your cancellation request to [email protected].

Bliss Cruise Additional Policies

Additional Fees

Additional fees are required for every person. The fees will reflect port charges, government taxes, doc fees, gratuities and security fees. These will be as follows:

  • $395.00 per person for all Staterooms
  • $450.00 per person for all Suites

Additional Person Cabin Cost

The additional person cabin cost listed below does not apply to the Family Stateroom.

  • $395.00 per person for all Staterooms
  • $450.00 per person for all Suites

Single Show

All cabins and bookings require double occupancy, one male one female. In the event a client arrives at the dock unannounced as a single, they may be denied access with no refund. Alternatively, on a case by case basis, Bliss Cruise may allow a single to board with a minimum of a $500 charge.


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