Divina Couples Cruise April 2016

MSC Divina Couples Swinger CruiseCouples Cruise proclaims that sometimes bigger is better.   The MSC Divina Couples Cruise is exactly that.   April 16-23, 2016

Miami, St. Maarten, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Halfmoon Cay, Bahamas

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The MSC Divina is the largest lifestyle, full ship charter in the world. A beautiful ship that will hold over 3,500 people, this will be the biggest party at sea. No other nude or clothing optional cruise will be anywhere as big as this Couples Cruise. Sometimes size does matter…

Couples Cruise has chartered some awesome ships during the last several years, but none are finer than the MSC Divina Couples Cruise. With over 1,700 cabins, it is the largest, clothing optional, full ship, lifestyle charter in the world.

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Cruise Information

Here are links to the onboard Program (you get a printed copy when you get on the ship)
Here is a copy of the detailed schedule – classes, meet and greets etc.

Conduct Policy: Couples Cruise Events Rules : Click Here 

Drink Package Updates

MSC Divina is offering awesome drink packages during the Couples Cruise.  The real gem may be the Drink Voucher Program

Drink Package Details:  Basic & Ultimate packages require both passengers in the cabin to have the same drink package on their account. All drink packages can be ordered for your account after you complete online checkin. Booking numbers to complete on-line check in should be available about 30 days prior to the cruise.  Don’t confuse the TSC invoice number with the MSC booking number for online check in.

MSC beverage policy, rules and allowance

Here is a guide to the many options available on the MSC Divina. This content is updated from the Couples Cruise Drink Package Guide 3/7/16Drink Packages for the MSC DivinaMSC Cruises Beverage Policy Rules and Drink Packages

Here is a guide to the many options available on the MSC Divina. There are more options than on most cruise lines, so it takes a minute to digest, but the good news is that there are more options to suit the needs of our passengers giving you exactly the plan that is best suited for you.

Bringing Alcohol on board

Bringing liquor (or any food and drinks) onboard MSC Cruises ships at embarkation is not allowed. No beverage or food can be brought, unless there is medical necessity (baby formula is allowed). Bringing champagne or wine onboard is also not allowed. MSC or its agents have the right to confiscate alcohol that was brought onboard by guests.

Note: Every charter, we see tons of confiscated liquor that people try to hid in their suitcase, in bottles of water (easily found by shaking the water bottle) and other places. MSC does not even allow bottles of water, sodas, juices or energy drinks, of any kind to be brought on board, so that is not an option.

Purchasing liquor from MSC cruise ships’ duty-free shops and while on shore (in ports of call)

Alcoholic drinks, including spirits, beer, other liqueurs and wines, are available to purchase onboard at fixed price. Any liquor that has been purchased in ships’ duty-free shops is retained till the last night of cruise. Alcohol purchases that have been brought in from call ports will be held safe and later delivered to passengers’ rooms – on last evening of the voyage (until disembarkation).

Specialty bars on MSC ships

MSC themed lounges go beyond alcohol and include chocolate, coffee and ice cream bars and, of course, wine, beer and martini bars.

MSC Cruises drink packages

Please read all of the info below before picking a package. There are three main “beverage package” options:

  • There are two More-For-Less All Inclusive packages:
  • The Premium Package for $61 per person, per day
  • The Classic Package for $45 per person, per day
  • There is an Escape Pass (Coupon Book) which can be purchased for $84 and has 18 coupons; each coupon covers spirits or cocktails up to $8, wines by the glass up to $7.50, and beer up to $5.00 (a savings of 42% for an average cost of $4.67 a drink).

Drink Package Details

  • The More-For-Less packages have to be booked on MSC Cruises website up to 3 days before departure to avoid any gratuities charges.
  • There is a 15 % gratuity added if purchased on board.
  • There is a cap on how many packages can be sold (40% of the passengers).
  • Packages are purchased for the entire voyage.
  • To be applicable, all adults in a cabin must buy the same beverage package.
  • The More-For-Less Packages and the Escape Pass Coupons cannot be used when off the ship, in any port, except for Little San Salvadore Island (Half Moon Cay) but can be used while on the ship in any port.
  • There will be satellite bars at the pool, but they are only for the drink coupons and they do not need your card to swipe, giving you expedited service. Note: You do have to show them your cabin key, the bartender has to write your card number on each coupon, but it is still a lot faster than going to a main bar or swiping the card through the system.
  • When getting a drink with the More-For-Less Package, they must swipe your card and you must sign a receipt.
  • There is no tip line on your receipt. If you want to tip a bartender for either package, it is recommended to use cash.
  • There is a limit of one drink, per order, at each bar with the More-For-Less Packages. With the Escape Pass Coupon Book, you can get more than one drink at a time with the coupons.
  • You can’t buy drinks for other people, if caught, you can lose your “All Inclusive” privileges for the rest of the cruise, with no refund.
  • You cannot pay the difference between a drink package limit and a more expensive spirit or cocktail. If you want Champagne ($12.75 per glass), you cannot pay the difference between  an Escape Pass Coupon ($7.50) or the Classic Package ($7.50) and the cost of the Champagne. You’d have to pay $12.75.

 Our recommendation:

  • If you don’t drink an average of 9.5+ drinks per day, go with the Escape Pass (Coupon Book) instead of the all Inclusive Packages.
  • For the same price as the all inclusive (Classic) you can get 67 drinks. Most won’t drink that many drinks over the course of the week, for those that will, then the Classic Package is the best.
  • If you simply have to have the top shelf brands, drink Champagne or Red Bull & vodka, then the Premium package is for you.

MSC Cruises beverage package prices:

Code: 536  More-For-Less Premium Package
$61 per person, per day ($427 total)

Summary: This is the PREMIUM (BIG) -ALL INCLUSIVE “you get (just about) everything” Package
This package includes everything from the Classic package, PLUS all Premium top shelf brands.
This also includes all wines from the selection “by the glass”,  house-brand (choose from one rosé, two reds and two whites), mineral water, bottled and draft beer, soft drinks, non-alcholic drinks including fresh fruit cocktails and fresh squeezed juice buffets and main restaurants, mineral water and all drinks from in cabin mini bar, drinks form the Coffee Bar menu. Items from the Pastry shop, take away from Gelateria, and the Nutella Crepe.

Does not include the Pizzaria
Note: You CAN get a  Red Bull & vodka with this package. You can get Champagne. It pretty much covers anything.

MSC’s Description:Unlimited consumption of beverages including entire Bar list Selection, extensive selection of wines by the glass, top-shelf spirit brands, premium cocktails, drinks from your mini bar and mineral water in your cabin, as well as all items from the ‘Gelateria’ menu and Pastry Shop.

The drinks included in package can be consumed in all bars and restaurants, including the Specialty Restaurants. The package is for personal use only and valid for one order at a time. The ID card is non-transferrable. Abusing the terms of the all-inclusive package may cause the service to be withdrawn and the remaining days not to be refunded. The following items are not included in this offer: cigars and cigarettes, bottles of wine and champagne, souvenir glasses and drinks served in souvenir glasses, and all food served in Specialty Bars and Restaurants.

The package must be booked by all guests occupying the same cabin. The price of the package applies to each day of the cruise except for the day of disembarkation. The service will be carried out by pouring method.

Code: 534  More-For-Less Classic Package
$45 per person, per day ($315 total)

Summary: This is the CLASSIC (BASIC) – ALL INCLUSIVE “which includes almost anything $7.50 and under” Package
Mixed drinks from bar lists with bar price up to $7.50 are included, unless the are listed on the menu as “Premium”, denoted with an * (asterick) on all bar menus. It would take 8.5 drinks per day to break even at that price.

Note: This does not include Premium Spirits (as listed below in the pricing section).

It only includes brands on the Spirits Page. Does Not include any Liquor on the Premium Spirits or Ultra Premium Spirits Page – even if the spirit cost less then $7.50 on these pages.  This package also includes Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Mojitos, Coco Locos, Bahama Mamas and other tropical drinks.

Note: You CANNOT get a Red Bull & vodka with this package. You CANNOT get Champagne (the only Champagne by the glass that is available is $12.75 Per glass). There are sparkling wines and Presseco that are included.

Does not include the Pizzaria

MSC’s Description:Unlimited consumption of drinks from the Bar and Wine list including wines by the glass with the price up to US$7.50, draft beer, bottled and canned beer with the price up to US$5.0, energy drinks and  coolers  with the price up to US$5.00, canned sodas, fruit juices, mineral water, wide selection of coffee-based drinks, premium teas, hot chocolate delights, selection of call-brand spirits, all cocktails from the Bar list with the price up to US$8.00, as well as take away ice cream in a cone or cup.

The drinks included in package can be consumed in all bars and restaurants, including the Specialty Restaurants. The package is for personal use only and valid for one order at a time. The ID card is non-transferrable. Abusing the terms of the all-inclusive package may cause the service to be withdrawn and the remaining days not to be refunded. The following items are not included in this offer: cigars and cigarettes, champagne, premium spirit brands, drinks from the minibar and water provided in your cabin, souvenir glasses and drink served in souvenir glasses and all food served in Specialty Bars and Restaurants.

Furthermore, some beverage items included in the dedicated Thematic Drink Lists might be excluded. The package is valid for every day of the cruise and cannot be purchased on a daily basis. It must be booked by all guests occupying the same cabin. The price of the package applies to each day of the cruise except for the day of disembarkation. The service will be carried out by pouring method.

More-For-Less Escape Pass                                              $84 per Coupon Book

Summary: This is a Coupon Booklet with 18 drink ticket coupons.
You can book this on the MSC website when you check in. You do not need to book this on the link included on this page.
Any Spirit $8 and under can be purchased with a ticket, on both the Premium Spirits and Spirits page. Any wine by the glass up to $7.50.  Draft, bottled, or canned beer up to $5.00.
They can be used at any bar on board, on San Salvadore Island (Half Moon Cay,) as well as ,the satellite bars by the pool. The coupons provide expedited service.

In order to buy a Red Bull & vodka, you must use 2 coupons.

MSC’s Description: 18 vouchers that you can use for drinks from the Bar and Wine list, including, call-brand spirits, all cocktails from the Bar list with price up to $8, wines by the glass with price up to $7.50, draft beer, bottled or canned beer with a price up to $5, canned sodas, fruit juices, mineral water, wide selection of coffee-based drinks, premium teas, hot chocolate delights and takeaway homemade ice cream in a cone or cup

For Yacht Club passengers:
All drinks are included in the Yacht Club  Top Sail Lounge, in your cabin minibar, at the Yacht Club pool and in the Yacht Club restaurant.

While you are outside the Yacht Club (theater, pool, disco, etc) you have to buy drinks. We suggest buying an Escape Pass Coupon Book so you can get drinks anywhere (for much cheaper).

MSC Liquor List

Here is a basic list breaking down most of the options on board, how much they cost and which package that they fall under.
On the actual menu, it is really easy to see what is not included in the Classic package because the items have an asterisk (*) next to the price of the item.

Ultra Premium Spirits  *good only in the Premium Package 

Johnnie Walker Blue   $22.00*
Macalan Select Oak    $10.75*
Remy Martin              $15.75*
Armagnac XO             $9.75*
Beluga Vodka             $9.75*
Ultimat Vodka            $8.25*
Zacapa 23Y Rum        $8.25*
Patron Anejo              $10.75*
Patron Silver              $9.25*
Don Julio Silver         $8.25*

 Premium Spirits  (has an asterisk (*) by it on the drink menus)

Good only in the Premium Package and in the Escape Pass coupon book

$7.25* Jose Quervo Especial, Pyrat XO Reserve, Knob Creek, Grey Goose (and flavors), Hendrick’s and Tanquerey 10 Gin

 $7.00* Belvadere & Ketel One vodkas, Maker’s Mark

 $6.75* Johnnie Walker Black, Chivas Special Reserve, Glenlivet Master Distiller’s Reserve, Bowmore Black Rock, Bacardi Anejo, Bacardi 8Y

 $6.25* Jack Daniels Old No7, Crown Royal, Bombay Saphire

Spirits  (no asterisk (*) by it on the drink menus)
Good in either the Classic or Premium Packages and the Escape Pass Coupon Book

 $6.00 Jose Cuervo Silver, Jose Cuervo Gold

 $5.75 Absolute (and flavored), Finlandia, Stolichnaya, Smirnoff , Bacardi Superior Light, Johnnie Walker Red Label, Jameson Irish, Dewars White Label, Jim Beam Black Label, Appleton Estate, Meyers,Gosling’s Black Seal, Captain Morgan, Bacardi 151, Bacardi Oakheart Spiced, Bacardi Superior White, Jagermiester

 $5.50 Seagram’s 7, Canadian Club, Sauza Silver

 $5.25 Margaritaville Gold, Beefeater Gin, Gordon’s Gin

 MSC Cruises beer list

Draught: Heineken: 7oz – $2.90, 14oz – $5.25

Bottled:  $5.00 Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light, Samuel Adams, Miller Genuine Draft, Blue Moon, Yuengling Lager, Beck’s, Heineken, Corona, Corona Light, Dos Equis, Red Stripe, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Stella Artois. A selection of around the world beers may be also available, depending on the region MSC is sailing.

$6.00* Guinness Pub Druaght, New Castle Brown Ale, Pilsner Urquell, Bloddingtons, Gosling’s Ginger Beer

$4.50 Non-Alcholic Beer: O’Douls, Buckler

To sign up for a drink package, you need to go to https://msccruisesgetforms.com/forms/specialservices_groupguest.aspx and fill out this form.

This form is only for the two all inclusive packages (Premium & Classic). The Escape Pass can be bought through the MSC web check in area. (make sure you put in the drink package codes and description when signing up)

MSC Cruises may refuse to serve alcohol/further alcohol to a guest where in their opinion he/she is likely to be a nuisance/danger to himself/herself, other passengers or the ship, so drink responsibly.



Pre-Cruise Hotel & Party

We have had some calls about rooms being sold out at the Couples Cruise hotels.  Our recommendation is to first try the link.  If that doesn’t get you a room on the nights you want, then give the hotel a call directly.

There are several pre-cruise hotels located in the Marriott Hotel complex (Crowne Plaza, Marriott, Residence Inn & the Marriott Courtyard). There are free shuttles from the Miami airport to the hotels.  There will be paid shuttle ($10 per person) services that can be booked from the hotels that will be set up by Couples Cruise that will take guests to the ship on Saturday morning, April 16th.

This link has all 3 hotel options

The hotel availability is a moving target. People cancel/new ones book.
1. Try the booking link
2. Call the hotel to see what else is av
ailable but not showing.
3. Call our office – we are travel agents – we can check availability and book a room for you.  877-348-6570.  We are getting availability even though the link says sold out.

This link has all hotel options http://tinyurl.com/DivinaHotelsApril

Miami Airport Marriott 305-649-5000
1201 LeJeune Road, Miami Florida
$149 + taxes per night

Courtyard Marriott Miami Airport 305-642-8200
1201 LeJeune Road, Miami Florida
$149 + taxes per night

Residence Inn Miami Airport 305-642-8570
1201 LeJeune Road, Miami Florida
Group Block is Sold Out – call hotel for cancellations

Crowne Plaza Miami International Airport 305-446-9000
950 NW 42nd Avenue (LeJeune Road), Miami Florida
Block is Sold Out – call hotel for cancellations

Parking Information

At the Crowne Plaza Hotel
If you are staying at the Crowne Plaza hotel, you can leave your car there and catch a shuttle back to the hotel when the cruise is over. The cost is $10 per day and must be made through a 3rd party. You must make a reservation through  http://airportparkinginc.com before you arrive. If you wait until the last minute, they could be sold out. Their cost is $30.84 for 7 nights which is a great deal.
At the Marriott Complex (Marriott, Courtyard & Renaissance Hotels)
They are currently sold out of parking. (Please use one of the other options above)

Offsite Parking
Another option that is less expensive, but not as convenient is to use offsite parking. There is parking very close to our terminal called Premier Parking USA (http://premierparkingusa.com). This offsite parking is $9.99 a day (plus taxes & fees) and is $93.01 for 7 nights (that comes out to $13.29 per day). The address for the parking lot is:
Premier Parking USA Parking Lot
811 NW 1st Ct · (877) 809-3009
Open until 12:00 AM
At the Port
Parking is available at all cruise terminals at the port. The current rate is $20 per day for all standard size vehicles (up to 20-feet). Vehicles longer than 20 feet are charged an additional $20 per day. They accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or any major U.S. Traveler’s Check. Please note that no debit cards are accepted. You can drop off your partner and luggage at the terminal, then park, and walk back to the ship as the parking is very close. Of course, the earlier you get there, the closer to the ship you will be able to park.


Video Tour of Divina Couples Cruise

Take a first hand look at this classy ship.   Want to take a look at the yacht club?   Yacht Club starts at 2:57 – sweet!

And yet another in depth tour of the Divina.

This tour is 12 minutes and includes details and reviews of all the rooms, dining venues, bars, pools… well every inch of the MSC Divina that will be the setting for the April 2016 Couples Cruise. Take a look, we were really impressed by the luxurious cabins in all categories on this ship.  The dining features authentic Italian fare.  Fantastic!

Divina Couples Cruise Itinerary & Ports

Here is the Divina Couples Cruise itinerary.  We love the sexy days at sea the best, but can’t wait to see Halfmoon Cay, Bahamas.

The timing for embarkation is a little different than past cruises.  We checked the times with MSC and they confirm that boarding for the Divina begins at 12 noon.   We recommend you are onboard no later than 3:00 pm.  Lifeboat/muster drill is scheduled around 4:00 pm and the ship is scheduled to sail at 7:00.

Note:  Private Island Bahamas changed to Half Moon Cay 3/1/16, Hurray for nude beach options!

Divina Couples Cruise Itinerary

Couples Cruise has always had great clothing optional ports and excursions.  This is one of the best itineraries that Couples Cruise has ever had.

St Maarten

St Maarten is the Couples Cruise  #1 rated destination according to their passenger surveys. This French & Dutch Island has one of the world’s most beautiful Nude Beaches, Orient Beach. Orient Bay offers lots of shopping, great little beach bars and restaurants but it is the long white nude beach that brings our passengers back every time. Maho Beach is another great option.  It’s located next to the airport and planes approach for landing literally right over your head. We have always had a GREAT time at Maho and the photo opportunities are priceless. Insider tip: Visit Sunset Bar at Maho Beach.  If ladies go topless they get to drink free! young couple swinger cruise The America’s Cup 12 meter sailboat race is another one of our favorite excursions in St Martin. Each passenger is taught a crew position and you have the once in a lifetime opportunity to race multi-million dollar America’s Cup Race Boats in the warm blue waters and brisk trade winds of the Caribbean.  How naughty will your boat be?

San Juan, Puerto Rico

There is nothing like stolling through Old San Juan. It’s like walking back through time in this historic colonial city. Visit the forts, go shopping and eat some of the best food you will find on this cruise. Don’t forget to try a mohito, the island’s specialty. Couples Cruise will also have a clothing optional party boat where we can really party down like the locals do (only naked!). You can also visit rainforests, hike to waterfalls and even visit the famed Bacardi Rum Distillery. Puerto Rico offers plenty of great sites in a safe place where everyone speaks English and they use the American dollar and you can make calls back home on your cell phone!

Great Stirrup Cay – Changed to Half Moon Cay

One of our favorite places to visit is our very own private island in the Bahamas. We will be able to sunbathe nude, go on clothing optional snorkel excursions and the best part: the food is included and if you have the drink package Couples Cruise announced that it will also work when you go ashore!  Awesome!

Dining on the Divina

New cruisers often ask what food options are actually included in the cost of a cruise.  The answer is everything except the specialty restaurants.  To simplify it there will be options all day and night!

Read the review or watch the video to find out more!

Divina has two main dining rooms: The Black Crab (Decks 5 and 6) and Villa Rossa (Deck 6). The Black Crab, the larger of the two, is decorated in black, gold and purple with marble touches throughout.  Villa Rossa, with its gold, black and red color scheme, has sweeping panoramic views from Divina’s aft. 

Both restaurants feature the same menus and hours. Breakfast is served from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., lunch from noon to 2 p.m. and dinner begins at 6:30 p.m.  though times vary occasionally. Dinner consists of five courses: starter, soup or salad, pasta, entree and dessert. 

Manitou and Calumet, located on Deck 14, are Divina’s casual buffet options. The two adjoin, essentially forming one mammoth buffet area.  At breakfast, served from 6:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. Early risers can grab a continental breakfast there from 6 a.m. to 6:30 a.m., and those who show up from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. can also get a continental breakfast.

For lunch, from noon to 4 p.m., options include burgers, fries, stir-fry and a carving station. The carving station routinely offers the best protein option; for example, chefs carved a whole, fresh turkey during one lunch. And, of course, there’s plenty of pasta.

The buffet includes a pizzeria, open from noon to 4:30 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Divina offers an afternoon buffet, with limited options that include fruit, cheese and salad, from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., and a make-your-own-sandwich bar is open from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and again from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Dinner, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Specialty Restaurants
The best dining experience we had onboard came at Eataly Steakhouse, which serves excellent salads, soups, pastas and steaks. The restaurant is simple and modern, with faux wood tables and clear, acrylic chairs.
Service, too, is attentive and knowledgeable. The restaurant features an exceptionally knowledgeable sommelier, who explains what is recommended and what the characteristics of every wine are. Eataly features a la carte pricing, with pastas starting at $8.50 and entrees ranging from $15 for lamb or salmon to $25 for an 8.5-ounce tenderloin. Veggie sides are $3. Attached to the steakhouse is Ristorante Italia, which serves a different prix fixe menu each night for $34 per person. There, menu options represent the various regions of Italy; they include Tuscan selections like Citrus-infused seafood passatelli or lasagna and Sicilian favorites like spiced braised veal cheeks and stuffed sardines. Both are open only for dinner from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. 

The Galaxy Nightclub is a hopping disco at night, it serves a daily luxury brunch for $28, which includes breakfast items such as omelets and waffles and options like oysters and foie gras, as well as one glass of Prosecco per person. From 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., dinner is served there, with several different Mediterranean fusion menus. Passengers can choose a la carte options (with appetizers starting at $7.50, pasta and rice starting at $7.50, main courses starting at $12 and desserts for $5) or choose from one of three price fixe options. The Saturno menu offers courses for $24 per person; the Venere menu is five courses for $35; and the Galaxy menu is seven courses and includes a glass of wine with each dish for $59 per person. 

La Cantina di Bacco (open 6 p.m. to midnight) is a small but charming spot on Deck 7. There, wine- and beer-lovers can chat over a glass of wine and a tapas plate (olives and bruschetta, for example), included when you purchase drinks. This is also the best place on the ship for pizza. It’s delicious, with flakey, thin crust, and the ingredients taste fresh. The spicy pizza, with its hot Ventricina salami, was a favorite, as was the vegetarian. Pizza pricing starts at $8.50 per pie, and one pizza serves two comfortably. 

At the Sports Bar on Deck 7, it’s clear Divina is aimed at American passengers. (The menu even reads “American Food Experience.”) Dining options are strictly of the bar/finger food variety and include Buffalo wings, chicken tenders, burgers and wraps. Prices are a la carte. For $7, the burger is the best onboard — juicy and melty. 

Gelato — really amazing gelato — is available at two spots on the ship: Cafe Italia on Deck 7 and poolside on Deck 14. Cafe Italia also features pastries and chocolates. Pricing at both spots is a la carte. Segafredo Coffee Bar is located on Deck 7 and offers a variety of caffeinated options, including espresso and cappuccino, for a fee. 

Room Service
A small room service menu is available, but a small service charge applies.   Pizza delivery service is also available at a cost $$.

Yacht Club Dining passengers have additional options for dining, including Le Muse, which offers an upscale option to the main dining room. It serves breakfast (7 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.), lunch (noon to 2:30 p.m.) and dinner (6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.) in a serene, Greek-inspired space at the aft. Select beverages are included. As in the main dining room, meals are served in five courses, which are heavy on seafood and pasta options. The unique French onion soup there was a hit, as were the cherries jubilee and baked Alaska. Healthy and vegetarian options also are available. 

For a less formal meal, Yacht Club passengers can grab a continental breakfast (granola, fruit, cheese and pastries) from 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. or snacks from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Top Sail Lounge. High tea is available there from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Note:  as a bonus to Yacht Club Passengers drinks are included Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge, in your cabin minibar, at the Yacht Club pool and in the Yacht Club restaurant, Le Muse.

Overall we thought the food on the MSC Divina was fantastic!  We sailed on the Couples Cruise Yacht Club takeover in April 2015. Our favorite restaurant was Le Muse which is a specialty restaurant set aside for the Yacht Club only.  We also enjoyed the main dining room.  Curious about what’s served there?   Here is a full week long copy of all the sample menus from the main dining room.

This video tour will show you exactly what the cuisine in the restaurants is like and you will also find out about the specialty restaurants that are available for a slight up charge.

Getting the most out of the Divinia with Couples Cruise

Who is MSC- that’s a new brand here in the US.  They have been providing vacations in Europe and Latin America, the Divina is their first ship dedicated to North America.  Here is are our edited version of some of Gary Bembridge’s tips on getting the most out of the MSC Divinia

The Ship is Adapted for North America:  What?  That’s different than Royal Caribbean or Celebrity.  This is a Mediterranean style cruise line with a strong Italian influence. There are six official languages on board MSC Cruise ships. However, they realized by bringing the ship into North America permanently that they needed to tailor it more to the North American consumer because it’s likely the ships will be mostly filled with these passengers. They have made a number of changes including:

  • The dominant use of English except for emergency drills and messages.
  • Recruited a Cruise Director to join the MSC Divina with many years of experience on developing programs that are liked and enjoyed by North American passengers.
  • Evolved some of the dining options to make sure it’s got many of the staples well liked within the US.
  • The staterooms have US plugs as standard, so you don’t have to bring adapters.
  • The currency on board is Dollars and not Euros.

Enjoy the taste of Italy:  MSC Divina has partnered with a number of famous Italian brands to bring a taste of Italy onto the ship to reinforce the differences versus other cruise lines.

  • They have a partnership with Nutella. This is a chocolate spread that was created just after the Second World War as a way of making chocolate go further. Now it is a popular chocolate spread, and you can have crepes with Nutella in on board. They are fantastic.
  • They also brought the Eately chain of restaurants and deli on board. Eately was created in Turin, and it’s a concept of slow food, great ingredients, great food, and very careful slow cooking. They have two restaurants on board, one has a steakhouse spin and the other serves a premium set menu.
  • They also have an arrangement with Disaronno, which is a liqueur from the Sorrento part of Italy. It’s a recipe that dates back to the 1500s and used a lot in cocktails. There is a Disaronno bar near the garden pool serving cocktails, including one which was created for the MSC Divina.
  • Segafredo Coffee, which is a famous Italian coffee, is also now on-board. Cafe Italia mostly sells it but there are other various places around the ship where you can get a nice cappuccino, latte or espresso.
  • The most popular partnership of all is with Venchi Gelato. This is more than just ice cream – it is a gourmet pleasure! It is absolutely delicious and freshly made.

Italian Food:  Although there’s a wide range of food of all types including standards like hamburgers and hot dogs, there’s a strong Italian theme weaving through it and I would encourage you to embrace that.

  • The Eately restaurant has great Italian food
  • There is another restaurant, La Cantina di Bacco, which has the most phenomenal pizzas I have ever had. The pizza oven is right there in the restaurant and you can watch the chef making the pizzas.
  • On the last night in the main restaurant is the Italian menu. A beautiful menu with loads of Italian dishes and tables decorated with the colors of the Italian flag. Towards the end of the meal the waiter comes with massive tiramisu desserts beautifully decorated with the Italian flag colors.

Entertainment on Couples Cruise on MSC Divina

Couples Cruise brings the best shows, DJ’s, Comedians and acts at sea. No other ship or resort can match the talent level they hire and bring on board.

Fantasy: The Naughties Show at Sea

Trixie Minx Productions has paired up with Couples Cruise® to once again bring you “Fantasy, the Naughtiest show at Sea.” Fantasy is a unique entertainment experience designed exclusively for Couples Cruise® that explores sensuality through aerial, burlesque, circus arts & more. Featuring cast members from all over the world we are thrilled to bring you the best in erotic performance.

Erotic Hyptnotist Show

Voted one of the “Top 3 Lifestyle Entertainers of the Year” Brian Madrid brings the audience to it’s knees with a hilarious show where the audience members are the show. This is not your typical Hypnosis show, this is an adult- lifestyle oriented show like you’ve never seen before. Even if you have seen Brian’s show before, the people on stage are always different and his act is always changing to give you a new experience, every time.

Couples Cruise on the MSC Divina will also have the top DJ’s, comedians, bands, piano players and much more. Plus, the MSC Divina has the best shows in the business already, so no matter what night you go to the main theater, you will get an unbelievable show.

The Very Sexy Ray Gunn will also be entertaining onboard!

Are there theme parties?

This is a Couples Cruise, so of course there are theme parties.  You can get as dressed up as you desire.  Not in the mood?  No problem it’s all about doing your own thing with your partner and having a wonderful time. divina-2016-themes

What about play rooms, sex & nudity on Divina 2016?

Play?  YES! Is there a play room?  Couples Cruise is know for their amazing playrooms. Is there a dungeon?  Of Course! and you can count on other specialty play rooms too! Nudity?  Thats one of the things we love about Couples Cruise and you can be nude on the pool decks and topless in the dance clubs. Chocolate Room?  Couples Cruise pioneered this sexy situation and while they may be changing the name, we hear the men you have come to love will be back for the usual shenanigans. couples cruise playrooms

Couples Cruise on their play rooms:

In fact, we call them the “Perfect Playrooms,” because no other playrooms compare.

If you are not comfortable, you don’t have to come into the playrooms at all, it’s your choice. But if you do, you can set the level of your experience to your level of comfort.

You can do as much or as little as you want in our playrooms. You can just watch others or be watched if that is where you feel comfortable. Our drapes allow you to be as private as you want to be by giving you the option to leave the curtains open, so anyone can see, closing the sheers for a little more privacy or you can close the drapes completely for maximum privacy.

We have the BEST Staff!

All of our beds are changed after each couple. Our staff removes the old sheets, sprays down the bed with sanitizer and puts a new, clean and dry sheet on the bed and gets rid of any used towels or sheets. Our playrooms remain spotless and clean throughout the night. Our rooms are the most sanitary in the business.

Our Playrooms smell great!

We use commercial diffusers found in the top spas to create a great atmosphere with essential oils that make our rooms smell wonderful and inviting.

Our playrooms sound great!

We have some of the sexiest music to help set the mood. We use a mix of downtempo Tantra music that has sexy vocals and a beat that flows with the energy in the room. You’ll want a copy of our Couples Cruise mix after you hear it.

Our playrooms really appeal to women!

With the beautiful decor, soft and sheer fabrics, beautiful music and perfect lighting, our playrooms really appeal to the ladies. We are constantly told how much better our playrooms are compared to many cruises, resorts and clubs. We feel that the most important goal when creating a sensual atmosphere is to create something where women will feel safe and sexy. Couples Cruise has set the standard when it comes to playrooms.

Come find out for yourself!

Welcome to the Yacht Club

Were you one of the lucky few to book into the Yacht Club?  During the Couples Cruise the Yacht Club will offers a haven of luxury and refinement for 120 very lucky guests.   You will notice it the moment you enter the marble Concierge Reception area with original artwork and a Swarovski crystal staircase say ‘this is something special.’  Upon entering you will know you have arrived.

Now accepting waiting list for the Yacht Club – phone 215-268-3202 to get in queue

The Yacht Club Private Couples Cruise Venues:

• The Top Sail Lounge: An elegant atmosphere with panoramic views.  Feel sexy as you share this private sanctuary with other yacht club guests.  Enjoy gourmet foods with complementary wines & spirits.
• The One Pool & Bar:  Enjoy au natural sunbathing at the Private pool, two whirlpool spas, solarium and sun deck.  Of course there is also attentive food and beverage at no extra charge.
• Le Muse Private Restaurant: The finest restaurant on the ship is part of the Yacht Club experience  morning, noon and night. Enjoy open seating or ask your Butler or Concierge to make reservations.

All drinks are included in the Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge, in your cabin minibar, at the Yacht Club pool and in the Yacht Club restaurant, Le Muse. 

Special Couples Cruise Note on Yacht Club Privileges

Yacht Club privileges during Couples Cruise Charter are different than the typical operation on MSC. Passengers in suites on deck 12, 15 & 16 have access to Yacht Club privileges.  This includes the following categories only

  • YC1 MSC Yacht Club Deluxe Suite
  • YC3 MSC Yacht Club Royal Suite
  • YC2-O MSC Yacht Club Executive & Family Suite
  • YC2-I MSC Yacht Club Executive & Family Suite
  • Cruise packages for passengers in Aurea Suites S3-A, S3-B and S3-C on decks 9, 10, 11 do not have have Yacht Club Access.

You will find the description for each category on Couples Cruise site.  ‘Symbol Legend’ key markings on the cabins on the deck plan are from MSC program and not accurate as indication of Yacht Club privlidges on the Couples Cruise Charter.

What about bringing guests to the Yacht Club?

Yes, you can invite guests to your Yacht Club Suite.  What fun would a swinger cruise be if you couldn’t have new friends to visit your room?    But it might not be as easy as just popping up to deck 15 & 16 for a visit.   The Yacht Club is a concierge section that requires keyed entry.  So only Yacht Club guests can open those entry doors.  To invite guests to your room make sure they know how to call you when they arrive so you can let them in.

Can we hang out and have drinks?  The Yacht Club venues, One Pool & Bar, Topsail Lounge and Le Muse are only for couples booked in the Yacht Club only.  Additional guests are not allowed.

I’ve never had a butler before!  What does he do?

Signature Butler Service:  Your Butler is at your service around-the-clock, as you wish. It’s a lifestyle cruise, consider how that can help add to an amazing trip.  You butler will be trained to the standards of the prestigious International Butler Academy in the Netherlands.  When was the last time you had the pleasure of receiving trained service?  MSC Yacht Club Butlers are dedicated to your ease and well being throughout your stay. 

Butler services include: 

• Private priority embarkation with luggage assistance from our Butlers and priority debarkation  - I’d like to tell you what a treat it is to be greater on the red carpet at check in – butlers will meet you as you arrive, out side on the sidewalk in front of the ship.  They make sure your bag is priority tagged and delivered immediately to your suite.  After a cool beverage they escort you directly to the Yacht Club Lounge.  As soon as the ship is ready for embarkation you are taken to your suite.  LOVE that BUTLER!

• Unpacking and packing of suitcases, shoes shined and more, upon request - Miss Lynn says take a chance and try this!  I love the idea of someone unpacking and lining up everything perfectly in my closet.  If nothing else send your husbands shoes out for a top notch shine.

• Arrangements for cocktail parties, en suite dining and more - Its a swinger cruise event, so somehow having someone set up a cocktail party in my suite seems perfect!
• Champagne and canapés served upon your arrival at the MSC Yacht Club
• Afternoon Tea in the British tradition, served by Butlers
• Daily delivery of your favorite international newspaper in its original format

So what does the Concierge team do?  

The MSC Yacht Club Concierge Team is located in the opulent Concierge Reception lobby.   Concierge services include: 

•Priority reservations for on board services, specialty restaurants and the MSC Aurea Spa – So if you and your new yacht club friends care to venture to one of the other ships restaurants for dinner and a show just let them know, easy peasy!
• Services to make each destination visit go smoothly, providing detailed information on local attractions, and priority reservations for shore excursions 
• Arranging unique and unforgettable private onshore excursions with optional private photographer – We expect an au natural excursion planned by Couples Cruise on this sailing but if you want to do your own thing we recommend your concierge set it up.  Not sure what to do?  Ask them!
• Reserving private out-of-hours en suite shopping, accompanied by your Butler

Extraordinary Shore Excursions

As an MSC Yacht Club guest there’s no need to follow the crowd when it comes to shore excursions. Our Concierge staff is happy to help you build the perfect tailor-made excursions based on your desires and our extensive knowledge of each port of call:

• We’ll make your dream trip come true with individualized shore excursions
• Custom shore excursions may include the opportunity to explore on your own in a luxury sports car, relax and sightsee in a private car with driver, take the family in a comfortable minibus and more
• A personal multilingual guide can accompany you throughout your onshore adventure • Enjoy exclusive shopping ashore with a personal guide, upon request
• Record life-long memories of a special destination or event––if you desire, a personal photographer can accompany you discreetly on any excursion

Exclusive Yacht Club Dining on the Divina

Exclusive Yacht Club Dining Pleasures In MSC Yacht Club you’ll discover what delicious days are made of from morning to night. Perhaps you’ll begin with breakfast served by your Butler on the veranda. Throughout the day, feel free to indulge in gourmet creations by our European-trained chefs In The Top Sail Lounge or by The One Pool & Bar. In the evening, savor dinner in the sophisticated restaurant Le Muse reserved exclusively for MSC Yacht Club guests. 

• Dining choices include: Top Sail Lounge and The One Pool & Bar: All-inclusive upscale menu of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, entreés and desserts––plus a selection of wines, spirits, soft drinks, mineral water and specialty coffees. 

• Private MSC Yacht Club Restaurant: Panoramic views, a gourmet menu and select complimentary wines and beverages are yours when dining in Le Muse.  Enjoy the ease of open seating or ask your Butler to reserve a favorite table. • British Afternoon Tea: Savor a fine cup of tea and luscious freshly-made cakes, scones and delicate tea sandwiches served each day by Butlers in the Top Sail Lounge.
• En Suite Dining: Your Butler will graciously serve selections from our MSC Yacht Club menu, or help yourself to the complimentary mini-bar.
• Myriad Dining Options: Of course, you may choose to dine in any of the ship’s restaurants. Your Butler would be glad to make reservations at one of the ship’s specialty restaurants and our Concierge can make recommendations and reservations for a restaurant on shore. • The Top Sail Lounge––An elegant atmosphere with panoramic views.  Feel sexy as you share this private sanctuary with other yacht club guests.  Enjoy gourmet foods with complementary wines & spirits.

• The One Pool & Bar––Enjoy au natural sunbathing at the Private pool, two whirlpool spas, solarium and sun deck.  Of course there is also attentive food and beverage at no extra charge.

• Le Muse Private Restaurant: The finest restaurant on the ship is part of the Yacht Club experience  morning, noon and night. Enjoy open seating or ask your Butler or Concierge to make reservations. But you might not want to stop there.  The dining on the rest of the ship is fantastic.  Enjoy this video of some of the restaurants on the MSC Divina.  

Divina Couples Cruise Cancellation Policy

Up to Jan. 15th, 2015 – full refund, less $75.00 per person Up to July 15th, 2015 – full refund less $150.00 per person Up to November 15th, 2015 – full refund less $250.00 per person After November 15th, 2015 – NO REFUND.

Additional Policies for Couples Cruise Divina

3RD & 4TH IN CABIN: – $ 275.00 P/P BASIC CABIN – $ 425.00 P/P SUITES Additional Fees While all cabin pricing reflects the basic cost per person, there will be an additional fee which will reflect port charges, government taxes, doc fees, gratuities and security fees. These will be as follows. – $ 375.00 per person for all Staterooms – $ 410.00 per person for all Suites SINGLE SUPPLEMENT As this is a COUPLES CRUISE, any person showing up at the port without their partner , shall not be admitted onto the ship and shall not be entitled to any sort of refund. A single male or female will be allowed on the ship in a cabin as long as they are accompanied by a couple and staying with them in their cabin. http://secureregistrationonline.com/tier2/index.php?affiliateId=6

Couples Cruise Charter Operation vs MSC Non-charter Operation

We wanted to add a note to make sure that customers who are reading reviews on various internet sites understand that a Charter with Couples Cruise will operate with different programs and procedures than a typical MSC cruise.  Here are a few of the main differences:

  • Aurea, Bella and Fantastca added service & amenity packages are not available on Couples Cruise Charter.
  • Main Dining rooms operate with open seating.  Sit with anyone you like and dine at any time you like.  There is no first or second seating for dinner.
  • Pre-paid gratuities are part of your package.  You waiter and cabin steward are tipped from this portion.  If they give you amazing service please add additional gratuity onboard.
  • Yacht Club Privlidges are only available to passengers in suites on Deck 15 & 16.  Plus suites 12001, 12002, 12004.


Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend travel insurance.

Our low cost Deluxe Group Plan is available for residents of the United States except for the states of Texas, Washington and New York. Residents fromTexas, Washington and New York are encouraged to purchase your individual plan here.  We do not have policy information for non-US residents and we encourage you to purchase a policy in your home country. Divina 2016 Deluxe Group Plan Rates – For US Residents except Texas, Washington & New York

Total Trip Cost Insurance Cost Per Person
$501-$1000 $49
$1001 -$1500 $79
$1501-$2000 $99
$2001-$2500 $126
$2501-$3000 $149

NO REFUNDS given without written notice. Written notice may be mailed to Couples Cruise Inc, 1025 Bienville St. Suite 7, New Orleans, LA 70112 or emailed to [email protected] or by FAX to 504-324-0581. We will not accept cancellations over the phone. No refunds will be made if you do not cancel and do not show.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance for your upcoming cruise. There are hundreds of circumstances that could cause you to cancel your trip, return home early or force you to seek emergency medical treatment while traveling. Travel insurance offers coverage for unforeseen problems such as, an unexpected financial change or scheduling conflict, a cancelled flight or a serious illness. You even have the option where you can cancel for any reason. We recommend Travel Insured - Get a quote and buy insurance

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