Couples Cruise Rewards Loyalty on Brilliance

Couples Cruise Rewards Loyalty

For every Couples Cruise you have sailed you get a larger ship board credit! Pick your category for this cruise and add up the past cruises to see just how much you get!   Book a suite and get up to $600, book a balcony and get up to $300, see the table below to find out what you qualify for.  This truly is a customer appreciation cruise.  It’s a one time offer, don’t pass it by.  Couples Cruise closed the booking window for this promotion on December 31, 2013.   This promotion is valid for new bookings before that date only.   Bookings January 1, 2014 until he cruise do not qualify for this loyalty program.

# past cruises
interior or ocean-view
$50 credit
$100 credit
$150 credit
$100 credit
$200 credit
$300 credit
$200 credit
$300 credit
$600 credit


What IS a Ship Board Credit?
It’s just like Couples Cruise buying you drinks! A credit will appear to your room account. You can spend $$ on drinks, excursions, wine packages, specialty restaurants, spa treatments, photos and more! The credit is applied to your total bill when you settle your account. Hurray!

How do you know how many cruises I have booked?
Couples Cruise will check their past your passenger records.  It doesn’t matter if previous cruises were booked with agency, other travel sellers or Couples Cruise direct.  The important thing thing is that you love sailing on Couples Cruise.   We appreciate your loyalty and encourage you to recommend The Swinger Cruise Agency to all of your lifestyle friends.   Why not, everyone loves great service.

Fine Print: This offer is only good for new bookings on the Brilliance of the Seas Charter, January, 2014. Not valid for any transferred registrations from another Couples Cruise. There are no credits if you cancel the Brilliance Cruise and the credits do not transfer to another cruise. Credits for future cruises count, as long as they take place between now and Jan 2014. Valid for up to a maximum of 3 cruise credits.  Prizes and promotional cruises are not valid towards on board credit program.


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