The Secret to Making Consent Hot

Flirting with Consent

Yes?  No? Maybe?  On a ship full of sexy people it's easy to jump right in for a hug, a kiss or a quick fondle. Here is a little lesson based on things I learned in etiquette class blended with protocol from the kink community that can make your interactions on this cruise even hotter. My … [Read more...]

Cruise Critic Best of 2015

Swinger Cruise offers awarded cruise lines for 2015

Some times when I tell people about the cruises we offer they ask, 'Are these takeovers on real cruise lines?' Well not only are the cruises we offer on top cruise lines, The swinger cruise offers Cruise Critic Best of 2015 on all 3 of the cruise lines we work with.  No matter what sort of BEST … [Read more...]