Young Swinger Month at Desire

Desire Riviera Maya

Are you a young swinger? Have you heard the latest news about Desire? No? Then, let me give you the scoop. During the entire month of August 2014, Desire Riviera Maya is hosting the Sexy, Young, and Wild crowd. All month-long young swingers will converge at the luxurious Desire Resort … [Read more...]

Nobody Regrets Buying Travel Insurance recommends Travel Insurance

Yikes, travel insurance is not a fun topic but a lot of you have asked... This is about what happens if you are paid, packed and ready to go... and there is a problem. The biggest 2 reasons people take insurance are: Trip Cancellation Medical Expenses or Medical Evacuation Full Ship … [Read more...]

Erotic Hypnosis Orlando

Erotic Hypnosis Orlando

Erotic Hypnosis Orlando:  Yes, Mind Blowing Sex IS all in your Head! Over the past several years I have learned techniques and methods and they are gound shaking.It has been a revelation to figure out how well this works and I wanted to let you in on my secret. I know how to make women (and … [Read more...]

Dominatrix of Ditties: Get the most out of Couples Cruise!

Dominatrix of Ditties booked your what can you do to make the most of it?  Perhaps some of these tips from your friendly, local neighborhood Dominatrix of Ditties will help... 1.  Smile and compliment.  ALWAYS.  If you look like you're having fun and you have good things to say to others, … [Read more...]

Couples Cruise Official Program

Couples Cruise Official Logo

Half the fun of a Couples Cruise is anticipating the excitement.   How about a peak at the Couples Cruise Official Programs from past cruises to get your mind racing about the lifestyle fun that will be onboard?  In this sampling of  official programs from past cruises you will see classes and … [Read more...]